Just a handful of the 18 different types of peppers I grew during the Summer of 2012.  Fresh peppers are one of the fruits I miss most during the Winter.

In the large white basket are 3 peppers which are used to make Chile Rellenos.  The smaller, darker ones are the Ancho Poblano.  Poblanos are the most common type used in making Rellenos.  The lighter green peppers are Anaheim and Sahuaro.  I really liked the Sahuaro because it had a little heat to it and grew flawlessly on really robust plants.

In the smaller, red basket are Banana Peppers.  They are mildly hot with some sweetness.  I really like using them in many dishes, especially in omlettes..

And finally in the green basket, are 3 very different peppers.  The largest is an Orange Sweet Bell Pepper. The Orange Bell can be used in any dish that you would normally use a regular Green Bell Pepper.  I like them more though, because they are sweeter.  The red pepper is a new favorite of mine, known as the Cajun Belle Pepper.  I had never grown this one before, but will definitely grow it again this year.  It reminds me of a larger Red Sweet Pepper, but its flesh is not as dense.  Lastly, the small orange fruit is the legendary Scotch Bonnet.  It is a variety of the Habanero Pepper used as the main  ingredient in Jerk Chicken and other Caribbean Cuisine.  Scotch Bonnets wonderfully hot, yet sweet.

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